Delectable Pear Shaped Engagement Rings


We love pear shaped engagement rings. You do not see that many of them, so if you are looking for a ring to stand out from the crowd we think a pear shaped engagement ring is the answer.

The history of pear shaped engagement rings

Many people think of pear shaped rings as a modern invention. In reality, this gemstone cut has been around for literally centuries.

Examples from as early as the 1400s have been found. Exactly who invented this particular cut is not known. It is likely that several stonecutters have contributed to the modern version of the pear cut.

Given the fact that this shape of diamond has been around since the 1400s it is very likely that the famous jeweller and diamond cutter, Lodewyk (Louis) van Berquem, had a hand in the development of the pear cut.

This famous Flemish jeweller is the grandfather of many modern stone shapes. He invented most of the tools that made it possible to reliably cut diamond. This jewellery literally did revolutionise diamond cutting.

Why we like pear shape engagement rings

For us a pear shaped diamond ring is perfect for an engagement. The stone sparkles in a particularly special way.

In addition, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. There really is no better stone for an engagement ring.

It tells the person being given the engagement ring that they are really special and important. The idea that the relationship is forever is conveyed by the fact that the stone is a diamond.

In the 1970s, the famous advertising slogan ‘diamonds are forever’ entered the psyche of consumers and it has stuck. These days when a diamond gift is given it symbolises the fact that the person giving the gift takes the relationship seriously and wants it to last forever.

Where can I buy a vintage pear shaped diamond engagement ring?

If you are looking for something unusual, we suggest that you take a serious look at vintage rings. Jewellery that was made decades ago usually offers something a little different, which makes them extra special.

The great thing about vintage rings is that you can often get good value for money. However, you have to bear in mind that the setting and stones can be quite worn. If you are going to buy a vintage pear shaped diamond, you may need to factor in some extra costs to get the ring or stones restored.

A far better approach is to use them as inspiration. A good jeweller can recreate any vintage design that you find.

Where to find pear shaped engagement rings

You will not see that many rings with pear settings on the High Street. However, this kind or ring occasionally comes into fashion.

For example if a celebrity gets given a ring with a pear setting jewellery chains will replicate that ring and offer it to members of the public. At that point, you may be lucky and find some for sale in High Street jewellery shops.

However, you will always find plenty of options on the internet. The cut is quite challenging, but many independent jewellers have the necessary skills to make pear shaped engagement rings.

A good starting point is to look at those jewellers who offer a bespoke service. They are the jewellers most likely to have the necessary skills to produce this unusual cut.

Famous pear shaped diamonds

Perhaps the most famous pear shaped diamond is the Millennium Star diamond, which is owned by the De Beers family. It is 203.04 carats and weighs in at a whopping 40.608 grams.  It is the world’s largest tips coloured and flawless pear cut diamond.

The actress Elizabeth Taylor is famous for her love of men and diamonds. She was the proud owner of another spectacular pear shaped diamond. It was made into a pendant of 69.42 carats. It will come to no surprise to know that it was Richard Burton who gave it to her.

Famous pear shaped diamond engagement rings

The celebrities of the world wear some wonderful examples of pear shaped rings. One you see a lot is the stunning pear shaped diamond that Victoria Beckham often wears. Set in platinum the stone is so big that it reaches the knuckle of the finger on which she wears it.

Jason Hoppy gave Bethenny Frankel a large pear shaped diamond for their second wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, they are no longer together, but you still see the beautiful pear shaped stone on Bethenny’s finger.

Jessica Simpson has a fabulous pear shaped diamond ring, which Nick Lachey gave her when he proposed. The diamond is four carats. She has also received a pear shape engagement ring from her current partner NFL player Eric Johnson.

By far the nicest pear shaped diamond engagement ring we have ever come across is the one that the NHL player Dion Phaneuf gave to Elisha Cutgbert. This is our favourite because it is a truly classic pear cut diamond, which sparkles in the most spectacular way.

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