Coloured Diamond Engagement Rings Explained


Coloured diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular. In the past, the clearer the diamond was the more sought after it was.

People wanted stones that were clear because they reflect the light more and are perceived as purer. This has been the case for literally hundreds of years. However, over the past few decades tastes have started to change.

Rare coloured diamond engagement rings

Today, jewelry consumers are actively on the lookout for something different. The rarer something is the more sought after it is, and coloured diamonds have benefited from this trend.

These diamonds are considered special so it is only natural that people want a coloured diamond engagement ring. An unusual colour diamond ring is the perfect symbol of a love that is special. It reflects the uniqueness of each relationship and the special bond that exists between two people who plan to spend their life together.

What is a coloured diamond?

There are two reasons a diamond may have a colour –


  • Chemical impurities


  • Structural defects


Now when you say it like that it does indeed sound like colour diamonds are inferior. However, when you put aside the words impurity, defect, and look at the actual stone you soon realise that there is nothing faulty or inferior about these precious stones.

When cut professionally these stones are every bit as beautiful as other gemstones. Many people are surprised at how appealing they are once they take the time to take a look at them.

Are coloured diamonds cheaper than pure diamonds?

In recent years, the value of diamonds with colour has changed significantly. In the past, most cloudy diamonds were relatively cheap. However, that is slowly changing.

Today, some coloured diamonds are worth more than the transparent, colourless ones. Here is a rough breakdown.

Colours that can be cheaper than colourless diamonds


  • White


  • Brown


  • Orange


Colours that are about the same value


  • Yellow


  • Grey


Colours that are usually more expensive than normal diamonds


  • Red


  • Blue


  • Pink


  • Green


  • Multi-coloured stones


Examples of expensive coloured diamonds

Some of the most expensive and famous diamonds in the world are not colourless. Here is a list of a few of them.


  • The Allnatt – a 101.29-carat yellow diamond found in South Africa another similar example is the Cross of Asia


  • The Amsterdam – an extraordinarily rare black diamond that has 33.74 carats, it is not as impressive as the Black Orlov that was found in India, but it is a beautiful stone.


  • The Argyle Pink Jubilee – as the name indicates this is a 8.01 carat pink diamond found in The Argyle mine in Australia


  • The Ashberg – another rare diamond from South Africa that is amber in colour


  • The Blue Heart – this deep blue diamond was found in South Africa




How coloured diamonds are graded

The rarer the stone is the more likely it is to be expensive. However, when it comes to valuation this is not the only consideration.

Here is a list of the main factors that dictate the value of these rare precious stones:


  • Rarity – Naturally, the rarer the colour is the more valuable it is.


  • Depth of colour – how rich the colour is has a big impact on the value of a diamond with colour. Generally speaking, the deeper the colour is the more valuable it will be.


  • Visible impurities – if the stone has an obvious flaw its value is much lower. All colour diamonds contain impurities. As long as they are spread throughout the stone this is not seen as a negative with colour diamonds, because this is what gives the stone its special colour.


  • Inclusions (visible impurities) are very much a question of personal taste, which makes it hard to value this kind of diamond. However, if the inclusion is likely to have an effect on the structural integrity of the stone it definitely reduces the value of the stone.


  • The size of the stone – the bigger the stone is, when cut, the higher its value


  • The cut – how the stone has been cut and, to some extent, who cuts it also has some impact on the diamond’s value.


The most popular colour diamond engagement rings

Currently the most popular colours are the ones that are the most widely available. Yellow and brown diamonds have become more widely available, since they were found in large numbers in Australia.

In the past, these diamonds were only really used to make cutting tools. This was because prior the 80s the stones found were very small and not very good quality wise.

That all changed when large deposits of brown diamonds were found in Australia. The diamonds taken from these new seams were large enough to be crafted into jewellery.

They were cleverly marketed as champagne or cognac diamonds, which caught the imagination of consumers. Today, they are quite sought after.

If you are looking for a fancy yellow diamond ring, you can’t go wrong with canary diamond engagement rings. They are widely available and there is plenty of choice when it comes to cut. The nice thing about these yellow, and many brown diamonds is that they look particularly good set in gold.

Where to buy colour diamonds

You have to be extremely careful when buying colour diamonds. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake coloured diamonds on the market. This means you have to be careful about where you buy this kind of jewellery. It is particularly important to buy from a well established firm with a good reputation.