Buy Vintage Style Engagement Rings – Tips On Making The Right Choice

Vintage Style Engagement Rings Comparison:


Engagement rings are an eternally classic way for people to start their own ‘journey’ to a wonderful marriage… and, that’s why many people put a lot of stock into finding the perfect engagement ring.

So, there are naturally lots of different types of engagement rings to buy on the market. But… the problem with seeing all of those engagement rings on the market is the fact that a lot of people usually have difficulties finding out what to purchase their special someone… before the time comes.

So, yes, there are a lot of different styles of engagement rings. And, whether you’re a man (or a woman lucky enough to pick out her engagement ring), it’s important to know what you’re dealing with on the market.

So, what’s this about engagement ring styles that I should know? Is there a style of engagement ring I should buy?

Well, there are many different types of engagement ring styles… so many that you won’t have trouble picking one out for your loved one.

Probably one of the more interesting and, subsequently, classic styles you can choose are vintage style engagement rings. If you have a future spouse that has a taste for elegant and timeless looking jewelry – and anything, really – you can’t go wrong with picking out a vintage style engagement ring for them.

Now, you should be looking for vintage style engagement rings, though sometimes you might find choice styles by searching for antique style engagement rings. This type of engagement ring is pretty much as it’s described—engagement rings that depict a type of style that were once popular in another era, though carried into our era as a timeless piece of art work.

Can you explain the reason behind the many antique style engagement rings on the market today, for example vintage inspired engagement rings?

To start, many of the vintage style engagement rings that did survive to our era are very much still around… though, they’re too expensive and valuable for regular consumers to buy! So, many jewelry manufacturers have completely circumvented that problem and instead made their own vintage look engagement rings inspired by those beautiful rings of the past.

If you’re lucky enough to have the budget to buy your loved one a true vintage engagement ring, know you’ll have to go through the process of verifying its authenticity and then ensuring that it’s insured and ‘well cared for’ before the big day arrives.


If you decide to go with something more cost effective, yet still very much vintage, there’s nothing wrong with insuring your purchase, too. Though, you do have a lot more ‘wiggle room’ when it comes to actually finding the ring. Many designers take vintage styles and make something that has a little bit of the old and some of the new to create designs that involve that old time feel… that’s well suited to our era.

Can you tell me what materials are used in vintage looking engagement rings? Is there a common trend for vintage engagement rings or not?

Well, many traditional style antique look engagement rings are mainly made with either platinum or gold, both material used in many different types of rings. While both platinum and gold are widely used, other metals like sterling silver aren’t ideal for vintage style engagement rings, as its often too soft to safely foster into a ring band and/or setting.

Harder metals, like platinum and gold, were (and still are) favored for their lack of bending and/or stretching when fashioned into rings. Since they’re harder materials, rings made from them can be worn for extended period of time and are naturally more suited to holding various precious or semi-precious stones.

If you were thinking of trends, then yes, many antique looking engagement rings have bands made from either platinum or gold for those very reasons. If you were to find an antique silver engagement ring, it’s likely not fit for wearing on a regular basis.

So, what about the stones in vintage look engagement rings? What should I expect to find?

All right… well, there are lots of stones found in vintage style engagement rings! Probably the most popular is, well, the diamond, a timeless stone in its own right. Although diamonds are incredibly popular in many contemporary engagement rings, you won’t have any trouble finding engagement rings with antique style diamonds… at all.

Though, it’s not just about diamonds. You’ll also find vintage inspired engagement rings made with many other types of precious stones, including the likes of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, peridots, garnets and tanzanite. And, interestingly enough, alternative stones like the aforementioned were actually preferred over diamonds before they became incredibly popular in the past!

So, when you search for vintage looking engagement rings, you should expect to find much of the classic diamond-set fare you’re expecting. But, don’t be surprised if you find many other uniquely set rings out there, too.

What should I do before I purchase an antique look engagement ring? Is there anything that you recommend before I buy the ‘right’ one?

To start, it’s always a good idea to think about what your loved one may like, since she may not prefer one style… and completely like another. Take a close look at the aesthetic things that she might prefer before you go ‘ring shopping,’ since those particular observations can save you some time… and help you immediately find the right engagement ring for her.

While you probably don’t want to outright ask her, you can attempt to ‘mine’ some information out of her by casually asking about the type of jewelry she likes. As long as you don’t outright imply it, you’ll probably be surprised at the kind of answer you might get. So, yes, be observant and use your gut to find the right vintage style engagement ring for your special someone!