Beautiful Radiant Cut Engagement Rings


Radiant cut engagement rings are extremely beautiful to look at. They look like a piece of crushed ice that loves the light, which makes it dance in a way other cuts do.

What is the Radiant cut?

The radiant cut is a triumph of the jewelry world. It is an oblong stone with its edges cut off, that has been faceted in a similar way to a round stone. This gives you an elongated stone that sparkles like the best round cut stones. In natural light, the stone looks like crushed ice. The pattern is complex and interesting and shifts with the light and angle.

A true radiant cut has an amazing 70 facets. There are many variations of the cut. They are all nice, but we prefer the original.

Who invented radiant cut diamond engagement rings?

The radiant cut was perfected in 1977 by Henry Grossbard. It took him decades of research to perfect his dream cut. He aim was to find a way to combine the elegance of an emerald cut with the brilliance you get from a tradition round stone cut.

Combining an oblong shape with the facets or a round stone was considered by most cutters as folly. Some said it was impossible.

These cutters were right it was very difficult to achieve, but Mr Grossbard was not put off he pursued his dream and finally succeeded. He came up with a cut that made square stones in engagement and dress rings popular again.

Who is a Radiant cut ring suitable for?

Radiant cut diamond rings look good on practically any finger. You just need to be careful of the size. It is important to match it to the tastes of the person you are buying it for.

With this kind of cut a little colour is not a problem, so slightly cheaper diamonds can be used. For this reason, this cut represents great value for money, so if you are looking for a diamond engagement ring at a bargain price this may be the right cut for you.

Given the fact that the cut has only been available since the late 70s, you will not find many vintage radiant cut rings for sale. If you can find an original made by Henry Grossbard, and are sure it is genuine, it is well worth considering buying. This iconic cut is popular and an original Grossbard radiant is likely to hold its value or grow in value.

A radiant cut diamond engagement ring

If you want something, a bit different a radiant cut diamond engagement ring is a good choice. You do not see that many of them, so if you want to stand out from the crowd this engagement ring is a good option.

The right setting for a radiant cut diamond

As with so many diamond cuts the setting is important. You need the light to reach the stone. This means a raised setting.

These stones can be set east/west or north/south. Bigger stones look much nicer in a north/south setting.

You need a minimum of four prongs for this sort of cut. The most popular setting for this type of stone is a solitaire setting.

It looks great with accent stones. Those accent stones can also be oblong in shape, but we feel that round stones work better for this particular cut.

Our tips for buying a Radiant engagement ring

There is a good choice when it comes to radiant engagement rings. Therefore, we recommend that you shop around for this cut. Doing so will ensure that you get the best value for money. There is defiantly no need to pay extra for a bespoke version of the ring.

Shop online

You will find the best choice on the web. It is also the easiest way to compare prices. It is important to know what you are buying, so only buy from a trusted source that offers the information you need to make a truly informed purchasing decision.

The seller should tell you what type of diamond have been used. They should tell you the width and length, so you can work out the ratio (see our note about shape).

The right ratio – length and width

Which ratio you choose is up to you. If you want a long or elongated stone, go for 1.48 or 1.55 ratios. This type of stone is best set in a south/north setting. If you want a squarer stone, 1.27 or 1.00 ratios works best.

As normal take into account the tastes of the wearer and the type of hand and fingers they have. You need to buy an engagement that both of you will enjoy looking at for many decades to come.

When buying an engagement ring always think about the ring it will be paired with. You want the wedding band and engagement ring to look right together.

Where to buy radiant cut engagement rings: