Tips for Buying a Beautiful Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


If you really want to buy your beloved a diamond ring for your engagement, there is a lot of choice. Understandably, diamonds are a very popular option for special pieces of jewellery. A halo diamond engagement ring is a great choice.

These rings look very beautiful and are very special. Here we are going to tell you a bit more about them and explain the best way to find one that offers good value for money and looks great.

What are halo diamond engagement rings?

A diamond halo engagement ring is a simple yet beautiful ring. The ring is made up of a large diamond that is surrounded by a series of smaller gemstones.

The shape of the central diamond is up to you. However, the majority of them are round. If you want another shape such as hexagonal, you may have to have your ring custom made.

Halo rings are so named because when light is reflected between the large central stone and the smaller stones around the edge a halo effect is produced. Hence the name, it is a very pretty effect especially in natural sunlight.

The history of these beautiful rings

Halo engagement rings are a relatively new design. They first became available in the 1920s.

Prior to the 1920s, most engagement rings were narrow. They consisted of a large central stone, with single smaller stones set either side of the large central stone. Up until that point, most women were given a band with a single stone on it.

However, the rich and famous wanted something else and innovative jewellers came up with the halo setting. At first, they were considered big and garish, but slowly but surely, they became sought after.

Today, vintage halo engagement rings are very popular and still sell well. The original 1920s design are cleaner and more contemporary than some of today’s models, so they appeal to people who want something stylish, yet simple.

Famous examples of halo set engagement rings

Perhaps the most famous example of a halo ring setting is the engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana. The ring was a classic halo cut ring, but instead of featuring a diamond as the central stone, there was a beautiful sapphire.

The different types of diamond halo engagement rings

Often the other gemstones are diamonds, but they need not be. In fact, you can choose any type of gemstone you like.

Diamonds look good, but sapphires, rubies or emeralds look great too. The colour of the stones is reflected in the central diamond. Some people opt to mix semi-precious stones with smaller diamonds, opting for every other stone to be a diamond or laying the stones out in another pattern.

Princess cut halo engagement rings

One of our favourite styles of halo ring is the princess cut. It really is the most spectacular of all of the cuts.

Princess cut halo engagement rings feature central stones that are either square or rectangular. This cut is like a pyramid that has been turned upside down to fit into the band of the ring.

The cut is one of the newest cuts. This cut is thought to have been invented in the 1960s. It is a modification of the original French or Double-French cut. The first person to come up with an effective square cut was Arpad Nagy who used to cut in London during the 60s. His cut was called the profile cut.

There are several types of Princess cuts. The two most popular cuts are 49 and 58 facets. Sometimes you will see these stones advertised as Quadrillion cut.

The number of chevrons affects how the stone looks. If you are buying from an online store, you may want to ask how many facets and chevrons the stone has to get a better understanding of what you are buying.

It looks much brighter than the traditional round cut; so many people assume that this kind or ring is expensive. In reality, if you go for a square stone it is actually a slightly cheaper cut. There are fewer cuts involved. That said the bigger the centre ring is the nicer and more impressive it will look.

Halo cut gemstones

Gemstones also look great in halo rings. We feel that the lighter stones look better than the darker ones do. This is especially the case if you go for a Princess cut. The lighter the colour or the stone is the more it will sparkle and catch the light.

If you go to for a gemstone, we highly recommend that you consider ordering diamonds as the halo stones. The way the colour from the centre stone bounces off the small diamonds surrounding is very attractive.

Where to buy halo diamond engagement rings

Halo engagement rings are widely available online. We have found a great jeweller that sells high quality engagement rings including some beautiful halo rings.