Nine Fantastic Gemstone Engagement Rings


If you are looking for something a little different, gemstone engagement rings are the answer. The list of gemstones is a long one, there are 130 different minerals, which are categorised as gemstones and are suitable for use in jewellery. With so much variety, you are bound to find something that really works for you and your sweetheart.

Coloured gemstone engagement rings are wonderful to look at. They are durable, which means that they are ideal if you want to pass your ring on down the generations.

Here is a list of some of our favourites. Included in each section is a link to somewhere you can buy high quality, beautiful and unique gemstone engagement rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings

When we say the word gemstone most people can think of a few, but a not many people know that diamonds are in fact gemstones. There are two kinds of gemstone, precious and semi-precious and diamonds definitely fit into the first category.

They are definitely expensive, but only if you buy one with a large stone. There are plenty of gemstone engagement rings that blend diamonds with other gemstones. A famous example is Princess Diana’s engagement ring, which combined a sapphire with a ring of diamonds.

Sapphire Rings

In Europe, sapphires are one of the most popular gemstones for engagement rings. Princess Diana’s engagement ring started the trend. When Prince William gave Kate Middleton the same ring for their engagement a whole new generation of women opted for a beautiful blue engagement ring. We love the deep blue colour, which looks especially pretty against fair skin.

Aquamarine Rings

If you want a blue engagement ring that is slightly different, we highly recommend an aquamarine engagement ring. You get a beautiful almost translucent stone that is a soft blue, which still reflects the light and sparkles like a diamond. This gemstone is relatively rare, so it is perfect for someone who wants a colourful yet unique engagement ring.

Yellow gemstone engagement rings

You rarely see yellow gemstones used, which is strange because there are several different types of yellow stones. Some like the yellow diamond and yellow sapphire are extremely rare, so are quite expensive. However, others like yellow topaz, citrine, jasper and amber are readily available and nowhere near as expensive.


If shiny is not your thing we highly recommend an opal. These stones are exceptionally beautiful and each stone is unique.

Naturally, everyone feels that the person he or she is going to marry is special. They quite literally are one of a kind, so a ring that is one of a kind is an appropriate gesture. We could write a whole page about this wonderful stone, but are not going to, we just want you to know that if you want something beautiful and different opals are a great option.

Emerald engagement rings

Emerald gemstone engagement rings were very popular during the Victorian era. Sadly, they are not so popular today. However, you can still find some beautiful examples.

Green is very much a colour of nature and many of the people who wear these gemstones do have an affinity with nature. They have a strong connection with their surroundings.

However, emeralds are also quite zany. An emerald is a fantastic, bright, vibrant stone that appeals to people who are looking for something a bit different.

Ruby gemstones

Rubies are also a great choice for someone who wants something vibrant and rich. You do not need very big rubies to make a statement. Even a few small ones set around a diamond looks spectacular.

If you want, a heart shaped or rose shaped engagement ring rubies are an obvious choice. You can use the stones to replicate the rose or heart more accurately.

Pink gemstone engagement rings

Red is wonderful, but it is not for everyone. If you want, just a hint or red one of the pink gemstones is the perfect answer.

Morganite, rubellite tourmaline and watermelon tourmaline are very light pink gemstones. Alamandine is a darker gemstone that is a member of the garnet group, which some say is pink and others say, is edging towards orange.

By far our favourite pink gemstone is tugtupite. It is sometimes called the reindeer stone and is a speckled gemstone, which is a soft pink. Utterly beautiful, and very delicate.

Looking for inspiration?

If you are looking for something different, we highly recommend that you look at vintage gemstone engagement rings. You can buy a couple of rings and have them restored or if you want, you can have the ring taken apart and have the stones reset.

They are also great for inspiring you. If you have the cash to have a bespoke engagement ring made a photo of a vintage gemstone ring that is close to what you are after will help the jeweller to produce exceptional results.

Where to buy gemstone engagement rings

If you are looking for unique gemstone engagement rings, all kinds of jewellers and stonecutters sell their work on the web, which means that you have an endless choice. However, the link below will take you to some lovely examples at a great price.