Channel Setting Engagement Rings Explained


If you want to buy a channel setting engagement ring, you are in luck because there is plenty of choice. Most jewellers offer their clients a good range of channel setting engagement rings.

What is a channel setting?

The channel setting is the most popular setting for engagement rings and wedding bands. With this setting, the stones are set next to each other without any precious metal separating the stones.

As the name indicates a channel is run into the metal, and the stones sit in that channel. They run together in a continuous row. There are no prongs to interrupt the flow of the stones.

The different types of channel set engagement ring

Most channel settings are linear and run in a straight line. However, some jewellers do them in different shapes. Tapered channels look nice with the size of the stones graduating for small to medium sized stones along the channel.

You can also buy rings with triangular, u-shaped- round and square cut channels. Love shaped channels are another popular option, but if you are not careful these shaped channel rings can end up looking a bit big. Therefore, for an engagement ring a straight channel that runs around the entire or part of the band is more popular.

Another variation is a ring set with a solitaire stone that has a channel running through the posts that hold the stone in place. Sometimes the stone is set high enough for a channel, or two channels to run behind the solitaire stone. As you can imagine these rings are quite expensive because the take a lot of time to make and require a lot of individual stones all of which have to be individually cut.

Why we like channel setting engagement rings

This setting is one of our favourites. Here is why we like it.

  • Works for any kind of stone – This kind of setting is great for any type or colour of stone. You can combine several different stones into your ring. Some people make the stones spell out a special message to their betrothed using the first letter of each stone.
  • Plenty of choice regarding the configuration of the channels – there really is no end of choice with this type of ring. This makes it easy to find an engagement that is truly unique and special.
  • Easy to create a matching wedding band – if you want a wedding band that matches the engagement ring exactly a channel set ring makes things easy. All you need to do is to order a channel band made from the same precious metal and featuring the same size and type of stones.
  • A truly snag free ring – this type of ring is perfect for someone who leads an active life. There are no sharp edges, which means that this type of ring will not snag on clothes or anything else.
  • If this is an important consideration, we recommend that you invest in buying a ring where each stone is set individually into the channel. Our advice is to avoid buying the cheaper kind where a continuous groove is made in the middle of the channel and the stones set into this. Individually set stones will be more secure.
  • Stones properly protected – the sides and bottom of the stone are properly protected – this means that the stones are less likely to be scratched or damaged. They will be in good enough condition to allow the ring to be made into studs for your grandchildren. It makes it easier to share your jewellery can be shared fairly amongst your descendants.


Potential problems with round channel set engagement rings

As we said we like this setting. However, it is not without its problems. There are a few drawbacks to this setting. Here is a list of some of them. Most are not big issues but you need to be aware of them if you are considering buying this type of ring.

  • Difficult to keep clean – the biggest problem with this setting is that it is not easy to keep clean. Dirt and soap tends to work its way under the stones. This happens gradually, and unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it happening.


The only way to get it out is to send it to the jeweller for cleaning. They have access to ultrasonic cleaners, which is the only effective way to clean this kind of ring without taking it apart. If you do not do this every few years, the lustre of the stones will fade because the light will no longer reach the back of the stone.

  • Difficult to repair – in the unlikely event that you break this ring you will need to take it to an experienced jeweller. The ring will have to be taken apart to affect a repair.
  • Stones not as visible – an obvious drawback of this kind of setting is the fact that less of the gemstone is visible.

Where to buy a channel ring

If you want to buy a channel ring, there are some great ones available online. You can find rings featuring practically any stone, but our favourites are definitely those that are available on this website.