Choosing The Best Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings

Many women prefer a non-traditional or unique engagement ring to the more popular diamond solitaire engagement rings.  It may be just a matter of style preference or a non-traditional engagement ring may hold sentimental value for the couple or it could symbolize something special to the wearer.  While three stone engagement rings are not unheard unique, they are not the typical engagement ring either.

What Stones are Typically Used for a 3 Stone Engagement Ring?

A three stone engagement ring may be comprised of any stone that the buyer wishes, but typically, there is a diamond in the setting with two smaller stones on each side of it.  These stones may be diamonds as well, but many people like to use other gemstones.  They may decide to use the recipient’s birthstone or they may use the woman’s favorite color and buy the appropriate gems.  If the woman loves green, they would buy emeralds to flank the center diamond.


Three Stone Diamond Ring

With the increasing popularity of colored diamonds, the two smaller side diamonds could be of another color.  As an example, a clear center diamond could be paired with pink side diamonds.  Although any color of gemstone could be used to make up the three stones, it depends on the preferences and budget of the buyer.  The 3 stone engagement rings allow for the creative uses of color and stones in their settings.

While many preset rings contain flawless diamonds, it is often recommended that the stones and settings be purchased separately to insure the quality of the diamonds used for the ring.  Buying a ring with the diamonds already mounted may save money, but you cannot be assured of what you are buying because it is difficult to clearly see the stones when they are already mounted in the setting.

Picking out the diamonds separately will allow the buyer to examine the stone, with the jeweler’s help, to look for imperfections that can reduce the value of the stones.  A setting can reflect through the stone and easily hide imperfections.  It is also nearly impossible to judge a ring or diamonds that are purchased on the Internet.  The buyer is taking a chance when they make an online purchase, so the exchange or return policy should be careful scrutinized before the purchase is made.

When the ring or stones arrive, the buyer should have them examined to make sure of their quality and, if the ring or stones are not of the quality the buyer was expecting, they should return them to get their money back.  That is why it is imperative that the buyer make sure the return policy allows the purchase to be returned for exchange or a full refund.

What Settings are Used for Three Stone Rings?

The sizes of the stones in three stone diamond engagement rings are usually not the same size.  Typically, the center stone is the larger of the three, sometimes much larger, and the other two stones are smaller.  There are styles in which all three stones are the same size, especially if the gems used are diamonds.

Much like single stone rings, three stone engagement ring settings fit some of the most common stone shapes made.  Among the diamond shapes that are used for 3 stone diamond engagement rings, the princess cut and emerald cut diamonds are among the most common shapes used for these rings. However, just like the size of the stones, the cut of the diamond often varies

Princess Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three diamond engagement rings settings may be composed of a stone in the middle in an emerald cut, a round cut or some other shape, while the two side stones may be a princess cut, cushion cuts or emerald cut.  The composition of the diamond cuts is up to the buyer and what they wish to have for their intended bride.

Three Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

The most common setting for three stone emerald cut engagement ring, or any other shaped stone, is a prong setting.  It securely holds the stones in place on the rings while allowing light to shine through the diamonds.  With this setting, the center stone is often slightly elevated above the side stones to give it more prominence.  Most settings use four prongs to securely hold the stones in place on the ring.

Diamonds that are shaped with sharp or pointed ends are often secured with prong settings to help protect the edges.  Even though a diamond is a strong stone, the pointed ends of a heart shape, marquise or pear shaped stone can be chipped or damaged.  The prongs help protect them and the value of the diamonds.

Which Metals are Recommended for the Best Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings?

Buyers can opt for any precious metal they wish for three stone engagement rings, but some jewelers suggest staying away from yellow gold because it can sometimes dull the effect of the diamonds’ sparkle.  White gold, platinum and palladium are the suggested options for princess cut three stone engagement rings or for any other shaped stone.

What is the Symbolism of a Three Stone Engagement Ring?

Many pieces of jewelry have symbolic stories attached to them, which sometimes turn out to be nothing more than an advertising gimmick, and three diamond engagement rings is one of those pieces.  These three stones of these rings, also known as Trilogy or Trinity rings, are said to represent the past, present and future of a couple’s relationship.  If a couple has broken up in the past, perhaps they were divorced, and they have reunited, the Trilogy ring is often used as an engagement ring.

For some people, the Trinity ring has a more religious meaning for them.  Each stone in the setting is said to represent a member of the Holy Trinity; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Along with engagements, three stone diamond rings may be gifted on an anniversary as well.  It could be used to say to the spouse that the giver has always loved them, loves them now and will continue to love them forever.