Best Halo Engagement Ring Settings Revealed

Halo Engagement Ring Settings Explained

There are several halo engagement ring settings to choose from. On this page, we go through them all in detail to help you to find the right one for you.

Halo engagement rings are very classy, but they need not be expensive. The more you know before you buy the easier it will be for you to find a nice ring at the right price.

Round Halo Engagement Rings

The vast majority of halo style engagement rings contain round stones. This is the traditional style.

If you are going to buy a round halo engagement ring, our suggestion is that you stick with a diamond as the central stone. Other gemstones look nice, but other halo cuts are nicer for coloured stones.

The stones used have to be of high quality because there are many cuts needed to produce the beautiful multi faceted look you get with a good quality halo ring. If you really want to show off the central stone, you need to consider buying one with a central stone that is raised slightly above the ring of smaller stones. This allows the central stone to take in a little more light.

Round stones look especially attractive in a basket setting. The more intricate the band is the better. If you go for diamonds, we strongly recommend that you stick with silver or platinum.

Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Rings

Many people think that a cushion halo engagement ring is the term used for any ring with an oblong cut stone. In fact, an oblong or square cut stone is more likely to be a Princess cut.

Most cushion cut stones have rounded rather than sharp edges. The overall shape is a square or oblong.

A light coloured or clear stone looks like crushed ice. This cut is one of the oldest cuts and it is believed to have been invented about 200 years ago.


Double Halo Engagement Rings

Perhaps the most stunning, and certainly the rarest engagement ring cut is the double halo. The central stone can be any shape or cut.

It is a single stone, but surrounding it is two rows of smaller stones. The two rows of smaller stones are stepped. This kind of ring is not for everyone because it can look a little fussy. That said there are plenty of modern jewellers who have come up with designs that look crisp and clean despite the high number of stones in the setting.

Oval Halo Engagement Rings

An oval halo engagement ring is quite unusual. You do not see many of them. Some niche jewellers make them and when they do they often make these rings from unusual stones like opals. They look nice, but will not sparkle as much as a light coloured gemstone. The same is true of darker gemstones.

Be wary if you see an antique ring purporting to be an oval diamond. This is because before the 1950s this cut did not exist. The modern oval diamond cut is fiery and multifaceted.

If you do decide to buy a diamond oval you need a very high quality diamond. Check that the shape of the oval will work on your finger. A short fat oval will not look elegant enough on someone with slender fingers.

Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Rings

Pear shaped halo engagement rings are relatively rare, but the fact that so many celebrities have been buying them recently means that they are not as hard to get hold of as they used to be.

Which halo setting is right for me?

Choosing the right setting is important and here are a few things you need to think about when deciding which one to buy:

Personal taste

Naturally, when buying an engagement ring personal taste is a big factor. There is no point in buying a ring you think is ugly.

With engagement rings, it is important not to simply follow the latest trend after all this ring will be worn for decades, so what the current fashion trend is has no meaningful relevance. Look for a ring that you know your partner will like, but don’t buy something that you do not like as well.

Quality and cost

Some cuts like the oval cut require the use of very high quality stones. This means that may be out of your price range.

Therefore, before setting your heart on a specific cut, you need to do some research and work out the rough cost. That way you can narrow your search down to a shape you both like and can afford.

How it will look on the hand

When making your final decision try to think about how the ring will look on your partner’s finger. You do not want to buy a ring that is too fine for your partner’s hand, but you also do not want to buy one that is too chunky.

Also, bear in mind the type of wedding band you are planning to buy. You need to be sure to buy an engagement ring that is going to look right with the wedding band.

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